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Valley Cataract & Retina Clinic is a trusted provider of complete vision care services in Brownsville, TX. We have professional eye doctors you can rely on. When you need new contact lenses, corrective eyeglasses, or eye surgery, we can gladly help.


Advanced Ophthalmology Facility

Here at Valley Cataract & Retina Clinic, we take pride in having a clean and modern ophthalmology facility. We have the proper equipment to provide accurate results for eye exams and tests, as well as the technology required to determine and cure various eye diseases. Our doctors are specialists and trained to deliver the best care possible.


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When you have vision problems, consult us immediately. Our specialists are committed to providing the best eye solutions you need so you can see clearly. Discuss your concerns with our eye doctors today to prevent serious eye diseases that you could develop in the future. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Board Certified Homer Richer,MD and Angela Kozak, DO call (956) 542-6945.